"When I am building out campaigns it is always exciting to work with our social team to curate social stunts. Being a part of a social team is more than just posting a status update or pushing out tweets. It is about taking your artist's voice to the next level and allowing fans to connect with them in a way they never have before. Most of all, it is empowering to know we are helping someone's dream come true."

Megan Clemens, Interactive Coordinator 

Megan Clemens, Interactive Coordinator 

Learning Objectives

  • Learn social media best practices and how to utilize social analytics for success

  • Learn about upcoming partnerships and initiatives with individual social media companies & platforms and how to integrate talent into those opportunities 

  • Learn how to write & present a social media campaign including engagement ideas, growth tactics and posting schedule 

  • Learn how to monitor social media platforms effectively for sentiment and managing crisis moments 

  • Learn how to effectively communicate with managers, agents, label representatives and internal team members

  • Aquire time management skills through project management and prioritization 

  • Gain a working knowledge of Basecamp and how to effectively utilize it to organize a team's efforts

  • Gain organizational skills and learn how to customize your methods for each client and team

  • Learn ways to problem solve in progressive ways

  • Practice copywriting 

  • Gain working knowledge of MailChimp, WordPress, a variety of fan clubs and more

  • Contribute to a team and stretch yourself out of your comfort zone to support the success of others

  • Find the height of your abilities and hold yourself to that standard daily on each project on every task

Key Character Traits

  • Adaptable, curious, detail oriented, self motivated