Publicity is the place where an artist's dreams come true. Being covered by the website they’ve been reading for years, landing the cover of the magazine they’ve been collecting since childhood - that’s all made possible here. We develop the message and narrative of each client and deliver that through top tier media outlets for mass consumption. Ever wonder how your favorite artist premiered their video on Tinder? Or how your new favorite song ended up on a Snapchat discover channel? THAT’S US and you can be a part of that. There is nothing like getting a HUGE win for your client - after all, one credible feature can take an artist to the next level and make them a star. Wouldn’t you want to be part of that story.

Director of Publicity, Anthony Langone

Director of Publicity, Anthony Langone

Learning Objectives  

  • Collaborate with creative, social and marketing teams for hands on experience outside of traditional PR

  • Gain a thorough knowledge of media outlets in the digital and social space through research and daily interaction

  • Create story angles for feature placement

  • Write media blasts

  • Have the ability to research new contacts and build new media relationships in niche markets

  • Identify trends in industry and generate feature ideas based on research

  • Monitor client coverage in digital space and compile legitimate coverage

  • Develop, create & present publicity campaigns and navigate approvals to accomplish

  • Leverage social media applications and incorporate latest technology in daily practices

  • Learn how to write a media pitch

Key Character Traits

  • passionate, diligent, self motivated and a team player